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Tomáš Pecník


“We had an opportunity to test ConverTiger on e-shop one of our very important client in Slovakia. Although is this e-shop a regular winner in the category "E-shop Of The Year Award" for several consecutive years, there were a lot of errors, which helped us to increase conversions. The tool is evaluated as highly effective, especially for such a shop with a big attendance.”

Ondřej Materna


“Knowledge about the needs of your customers is key to success. If you operate internet application, nothing can tell you more about needs of your customers than their behavior inside application. We can't look over their shoulders to their monitors, but we have something better - Convertiger!”

How can ConverTiger be useful for me?

  • Discover how visitors react to longer or shorter pages.
  • Learn what content to move higher or lower on the page.
  • Uncover distracting elements that should be removed.
  • Impress your clients or colleagues with visual insights.
  • Overhaul forms to generate more leads.
  • Translate common feedback comments into FAQs.
  • Confirm your hypothesis before creating new elements.
  • Reveal anxieties about trust or confusing policies.
  • Reveal your visitors' pattern of reading the page.
  • Think like an actual visitor by understanding their mindset.
  • Identify what new content needs to be added to the page.
  • Generate new A/B test ideas.
  • Identify UX issues that are frustrating to users.
  • Remove or rethink ignored content.
  • See which type of imagery works best.
  • See how different traffic sources behave on your site.
  • Improve your UX on different screen resolutions.
  • Question the fields used and their impact on conversion.

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UX Recording Tool!

Stop guessing what your visitors do on your website. With our website monitoring tool you can see video recordings and understand visitor behavior, their mouse clicks, scrolls or taps, as well as the elements that create higher engagement. Our user experience tool allows website owners to spot roadblocks, implement fixes, and improve user experience!


Create Analytics Reports

Does your website offer an unpleasant user experience to specific browser-owners? Does your visitor's screen resolution increase page drop-off or cart abandonment? Gain insight of your visitors behavior with the Big Picture tab! Instantly analyze and understand how to Increase conversions today!


Retrospective Analysis

Want more insight for a specific webpage? With our retrospective funneling, you can record the data, and then analyze as much data as you want! Do you want to know which web page received a high amount of clicks, and which has a high bounce rate? AND Do you want to know the operating system your visitors own? AND perhaps, their screen's resolution? AND ... much more? With our service you can go as deep as you need to fully understand your customers behavior.